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Family Medicine services offered in Keller, TX

Family medicine is a primary care specialty that manages the health of the whole family. Ochuele Odumosu, MD, and Oluwaseun Odumosu, MD, at Vine Family Medicine in Keller, Texas, specialize in this area of medicine. The team includes experienced board-certified family medicine physicians who take a patient-centered approach to care. To find out more about family medicine, call the office or schedule an appointment online today. Telehealth appointments are available. 

What is family medicine?

Family medicine specializes in managing the general health needs of people of all ages. Family medicine practitioners undergo years of training to diagnose, treat, and prevent health problems in children, teens, adults, and older adults. 

Vine Family Medicine is a full-service family medicine practice that takes a genuine, patient-centered approach to care, putting you and your health needs above all else. They believe family medicine is key to improving health for the family and the community.

Most health conditions are inherited. By taking care of you, your parents, and your children, the team at Vine Family Medicine knows what conditions to look for to prevent or delay disease. It also allows them to develop individualized care plans that better meet your and your family’s needs.

What are some of the family medicine services?

Vine Family Medicine provides a comprehensive list of services. Some of the family medicine services you can expect include:

Annual physicals

Annual physicals are important for staying healthy. The team at Vine Family Medicine provides annual physicals, assessing your overall health and risk of future health problems.

Well visits

The Vine Family Medicine team provides pediatric care. Well visits are regular well-child exams that monitor your child’s growth and development. They perform well-child exams for infants, children, and teens.

Chronic care

Chronic care is the ongoing support and monitoring you need to manage a chronic disease. The team specializes in many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Geriatric care

The team at Vine Family Medicine includes a board-certified geriatrician who provides geriatric care, managing the complex medical needs of older adults.

Sick visits

Vine Family Medicine provides care for unexpected illnesses like the common cold.

Procedures and testing

Vine Family Medicine does skin biopsies, knee injections, the placement of Nexplanon® (birth control implant), and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing.

What can I expect from family medicine?

You can expect attentive, comprehensive, and compassionate care from the team at Vine Family Medicine. They listen intently to your story and provide education, support, and treatments to improve health and prevent disease.

The family medicine practice also offers telehealth appointments, so you don’t have to travel to the office for care.

To schedule a family medicine appointment at Vine Family Medicine, call the office or book one online today.